Frequently Asked Questions About Coverage

Q. Does the AIM policy provide coverage for my acts as a title agent or title abstractor?
A. The AIM policy extends coverage to work performed as a title agent or title abstractor when these services are performed in an attorney-client relationship. The AIM policy, however, is not a title agent's errors and omissions insurance policy.


Q. Does an insured have coverage under AIM's policy for non-attorneys (e.g., paralegals, law students)?
A. Coverage is derivative, as the insured has coverage for any act, error or omission in professional services that have been or should have been rendered by any person for whom the insured is legally responsible. Non-attorney personnel do not have individual rights under the policy.


Q. What are the consequences of gaps in coverage under "claims-made" policies?
A. There is no coverage if a suit is filed against the attorney while the policy has lapsed. If you obtain coverage in the future, coverage for acts, errors or omissions may not be provided for an act, error or omission prior to the gap in coverage. We recommend firms have an agreement with its members regarding the purchase of tail coverage in the event of the dissolution of the firm. Remember, paying your policy premium on time prevents a gap in coverage!





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