Directions to AIM from Atlanta

  1. Leaving Atlanta proceed to and stay on I-20 Westbound, i.e. away from Atlanta. (Beware of extensive use of police radar west of Atlanta in Georgia.)

    Approaching Birmingham on I-20, watch for I-459 Exit (near mile marker 136), take the I-459 Exit (toward Montgomery and Tuscaloosa).

  2. On I-459 South, take Exit 19 (U.S. Hwy. 280). The exit ramp will fork, bear left. Then, as you near the end, turn right off the exit ramp (locally east) onto Hwy. 280, (i.e., toward Sylacauga and Childersburg).

  3. Stay on Hwy. 280 approximately 1.7 miles, pass:

    Cahaba River (Cross over);

    Chic-Fil-A a fast food restaurant (on right);

    Shell Gas Station (on right).

  1. Come to a traffic light and a large rectangular sign (standing on end) indicating you are in Inverness. This is Inverness Pkwy.

  2. Turn right onto Inverness Parkway. (Inverness Parkway is a four lane "boulevard" in the area of the office buildings.)

  3. Proceed 2.2 miles on Inverness Parkway to Selkirk Drive.* This will take you up the hill on Inverness Parkway, past the subdivisions Woodford and Kirkwall. On the right you will see a sign "Inverness Professional Building."  This is our sign;  it is at the corner of Inverness Parkway and Selkirk Drive. Turn right onto Selkirk Drive. Once on Selkirk Drive, take the first right (approx. 300'). This is our driveway you have arrived.

*CAVEAT:  Where Inverness Parkway changes from a four lane boulevard to a two lane road (at the point where there is a large "island" of trees and grass between the last part of the four lanes and just before you start up a large hill) there is a speed trap. Beware of police using radar.





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