Why Insure with AIM?

Know your malpractice insurer
before you buy your policy!

Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South is policyholder-owned, attorney-managed and your best choice for lawyers' malpractice insurance.

We provide what other insurers do not:

  • We are a company that understands you and your needs as a practicing attorney. We take our duty to our insureds seriously.
  • We personally answer our telephones during business hours. Professional and courteous service is a reality, not a mere marketing slogan touted by large competitors.
  • AIM is a conservatively managed, fiscally responsible company.
  • Unified service. As a direct writer of insurance, you deal directly with the persons responsible for underwriting your application and providing your defense no middlemen!
  • Our premium rates are stable and calculated to maintain a financially healthy company for the benefit of policyholders.
  • Individual insured members of AIM enjoy the right to purchase tail coverage without all members of their firm purchasing it.
  • AIM is dedicated to continuously serving attorneys and has done so since 1989.


If you're sued, AIM insurance will
make a difference.

AIM protects lawyers best:

Broad policy coverage in areas that matter to insureds.

Unmatched claims defense.

Insured has a voice in selection of defense counsel.

Insured's consent to settle required with no penalty for refusal to settle (no Hammer Clause).

Claim management is not delegated to third-party claims handlers. Claim defense is managed by attorneys, no claims representatives or laymen used.

AIM is known for its supportive defense of its insureds.

Limits of liability are available starting at $100,000 each claim/ $300,000 aggregate, up to $20,000,000 single limit.


AIM Invites You to Continue Your Research!
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Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South, Inc., Risk Retention Group