Cross-Examine Your Lawyer's Malpractice Insurer Before You Buy

Can your malpractice insurer stand up to cross-examination? Only one company can successfully withstand skillful interrogation: Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South ("AIM"). It is easy to be fooled into believing that all malpractice insurance is the same. Your concerns as a practicing attorney, however, are not shared by every insurer. Ask the important questions.

Will your premium rates be stable? Practicing attorneys want stability and AIM provides them. Premium rates are based predominantly on AIM's usually favorable malpractice claims experience. With AIM you know that your mature premium rate will be stable. It even rewards insureds with an additional loyalty premium credit.

Is your insurer committed to serving practicing attorneys? AIM is committed and has been from its inception! AIM insures Alabama and Tennessee attorneys in most practice categories. Is your insurer committed to continually insuring you as a practicing attorney? AIM exists solely to serve the needs of its insureds.
No one
does it better.

AIM provides you with the fastest underwriting and claims service. It is all done at its corporate office in Birmingham, Alabama. If you have a question or concern, there is someone close by to contact. Claims defense is done with an attorney's perspective and local counsel when needed. AIM's board of directors is comprised solely of attorneys admitted to practice in Alabama and Tennessee. We understand the practice of law and your needs.

Why insure with anyone else? In a line of insurance where insurers routinely come and go based upon profit, it is comforting to know that AIM is here to stay. It has to be, it is owned by its policyholders.

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